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I'm fine with additive language ("pregnant women and people," etc.) But myself and many other women I know are deeply disturbed by the erasure of women's issues in society by the adopting of gender-neutral language. Women are an oppressed class to this day, and we deserve the recognition of being named in issues that are tied to our sex.

A personal story: when I had my first miscarriage, I drew a lot of strength from knowing that women throughout history had gone through this and found the courage to go on, as well as from the support of other women. Female spaces were the only places I felt comfortable sharing the details of my miscarriage; having a male-bodied person present would have absolutely made me feel more vulnerable and it would have been impossible for me to talk about my miscarriage in the presence of a male-bodied person. (And this is as a trainee physician, so I can imagine it would be even harder for others.)

Women don’t have as many classic heart attack symptoms. But women also are about 50% of the population. So…maybe we need to change education on what heart attack symptoms are instead of acting like the symptoms more common in men are the normal ones.

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But I can tell you every little detail about the right hand crush injury (index through fifth finger mid metacarpal to fingertip) who only spoke Bosnian from 5 years ago. How often we saw the injury back in clinic, what it looked like (ischemic, mostly), and every surgery we did to the hand for the subsequent 18 months.

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